Fanzilo gets you up, close and connected

At Fanzilo we bring you into the life and behind the scenes footage of celebrities, influencers and content creators. Our platform is both a VOD and live streaming solution that allows you to connect to your favorite celeb. You can also view all of their content that they upload and engage with them with some of our features such as one-to-one video, live streaming videos and direct messaging. At time to time certain members may also offer promotions and merchandise for sale aswell unique NFTs.

Its as simple as promoting your Fanzilo Profile on your existing social media platforms. This means that you can start earning immediately without expensive advertising costs or paid posts. We will also enable our Geo-blocking feature which limits content from being shared in the countries you chose not to make your content available in.

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Three Simple Steps

Download the App and Register

Log onto the Google App or iStore and download the Fanzilo App. If you are a celebrity or influencer click on the celebrities link for more information

Follow your Favorite Celebrity

Chose from thousands of your favorite celebrities or influencers! Select your favorite celebrities and select a subscription option and start engaging with them directly.

Get a Video Call with your Celebrity

One of our most exciting features gives you the opportunity to get on a one to one video call with the celebrities and influencers you have selected to follow.

Follow Celebrities and Purchase Features such as:

  • Posting premium videos only SuperFanz can view
  • Direct Messaging
  • One-to-One Video
  • Personalized content or shout-outs to of for Fanz
  • Unique NFT videos, pictures and audio (coming soon)

Live Streaming

Engage and share live moments with your fanz

Premium Content

Connect and give fanz insight into your world


Personalized videos feat your favorite stars

One to One Call

Schedule video call with your favorite star on multiple slots

Download and Start Engaging Directly With Your Favorite Celebrity

(Coming soon to the App Stores April, 2022)

Follow us on social media


It is as simple as setting your subscription pricing under your account and get paid via your stripe account that can be set up on the platform.

Our administrators will review your submission and based on your followers and details provided they will, at their sole discretion determine whether or not to verify your account.

Celebrities and creators receive 80% of the revenue on their earnings including subscriptions, shout-outs, 1 to 1 videos, paid messages and tips. Fanzilo retains 20% to cover operating costs such as processing payments, hosting fees, support, and all other services.

Yes we have a Geo-blocking feature which limits content from being shared in the countries you chose not to make your content available in.

Once you have paid for your subscription it is non-refundable. Our administrators take up to 48 hours to revert on queries.