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If you are a celebrity, influencer, model, the next up and coming big star, Foodie, Fitness Fanatic or an Artist and you want to connect more personally with your fans then check this out.

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Fanzilo believes that you, the content creator should be paid for your engagement with your fans. Fanzilo’s payout to you is 80% of your earnings. This is earning through your followers subscriptions and our advanced features such as direct messaging, unlocking premium video content, customized posts or shout-outs on live streams to mention a few.

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Ways to Earn More


Fanz subscribe to your profile

Live Streaming

Engage and share live moments with your Fanz

Upload Content

Connect and give your Fanz insight into your world

Our Algorithms

The more you engage with your Fanz the more we can promote your profile

Posting Premium content that only subscribed fans can view



  • Artist to Artist
  • Collabs
  • Producer Exclusives
  • Product Reviews
  • At home with family (Playing with kids, hobbies, shopping etc.)
  • A day in the life of an artist
  • Travel, business negotiations, industry gossip


  • Team Travel
  • Team practice/workouts
  • A day in the life
  • Playoffs (before and after)
  • Championship (before and after)
  • Combine/Draft Day
  • Product Reviews


  • Product Reviews
  • Short film/ TV skits

  • Influencer Collabs
  • At home with family

Direct Messaging with fans

Give your greatest fans the opportunity to connect directly with you with our Direct Messaging Feature. It is as simple as your paid for fans sending you a message and you can get chatting.

One to One video call with fans according your given time slot

Your fans can use our booking feature to schedule and pay for one to one video calls with you based on your availability. Give your fans the ability to say hi, connect with you on a meaningful level or even ask for mentorship and advice.

Personalized video shout-out for fans

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, a special occasion or a sentimental shout-out, your fans can request and pay for personalized video shout-outs. They specify the content they would like and all you have to do is record the video and send it off to them.

Mint, create and earn with your very own NFTs

Unlike traditional markets for art, NFTs and Web3 allows artists to create their own galleries and set their own prices online. Artists can also earn royalties on secondary sales of their work with NFTs

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