About Fanzilo

At Fanzilo we bring you into the lives and work of celebrities, influencers and content creators. Our platform is a live streaming platform that allows you to connect to your favorite celeb. You can also view all of their content that they upload and engage with them with some of our features such as one-to-one video, live streaming videos and direct messaging. At time to time certain members may also offer promotions and merchandise for sale.

Its as simple as promoting your Fanzilo Profile on your existing social media platforms. This means that you can start earning immediately without expensive advertising costs or paid posts. We will also enable our Geo-blocking feature which limits content from being shared in the countries you chose not to make your content available in.

We are a mainstream platform which means that there is no adult or x-rated content on our site. Our platform scrapers work diligently to maintain the integrity of our platfor

Mutiple Subcription plans for celebrity premium contents

Choose from various plans that suit your budget and get access to exclusive content. You can join now for free, choose to subscribe and cancel a paid subscription at anytime. if you wish to. It's really easy.

User can withdraw and topup on fanzilo using their bank card

When you make a top up, you’re depositing money into your fanzilo wallet account. You can top up using almost any accredited bank card that is connected to your bank account. It's safe and powered by secure-stripe-payment payments. Just log into the app and top up your wallets in seconds. Once topped up you can use that inapp credit to unlock exclusive content or pay for premium personalised video requests.

Users can book video call slot with different time options

"fanzilo" has added a cost effective live call feature into our apps. The video call feature, allows you to have short video conversations with celebs that are designed to be like meet-and-greets.

You can now easily schedule a call request and enjoy a video chat with your favorite athletes, celebrities, industry leaders or other public figures.

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